Paint It Black

It was an early Saturday morning when I met this lady I first encountered online.  She saw that I am a tarot reader, so she wanted to meet me at what she calls her “secret garden.”  To be honest, I was a bit skeptical and even afraid at first.  What’s this secret garden she was talking about?

But I went on with it and met her at a park in Bonifacio Global City.  It was past 6 AM when I arrived, still feeling sleepy from a party I attended the night before.  She met me there, camera in her hand.  One of the first things she said was, “I’d like to take a photo of you.”  I went a bit more skeptical (or more scared) and said, “No thanks.  I’m a bit camera-shy.”  We then went to the secret garden.

Turns out, it was indeed a garden just off the main city.  It was one of those places less traveled, and the much of the garden wasn’t open to the public yet.  It was beautiful.  The timing was also perfect, and reminded me of how great it was to greet the morning.

We stopped at a table and started the tarot session.  At this point, I became more comfortable with her.  She is a good person with big dreams.  She went on and asked me the questions from her heart.

Photo by KG

She took a handful of photos after our session.  When she sent me her photos some days later, I was impressed.  She’s really good at what she does and I’m hoping that she’ll be able to find the success she truly deserves.

Here are some of her photos.  They’re well-done.  (Photos are clickable.)

This is my most favorite.  I started using it as profile photo for my online accounts.

Photo by KG

6 thoughts on “Paint It Black

    1. Let’s do it! Let’s do it very soon! Shall we go then? We ought to start doing different things for a change, eh? Like just being sat there at this hidden park. It’s not so much hidden anymore since it’s now being developed. But I looove the place. It gives this tremendous feeling of being disconnected from the chaos that is the urban life.

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