Hello, how’s it going? I hope you started this year right. As for me, it has been very busy so far with this craft. Tarot reading is usually very popular between December and February, because:

December – year-end readings

January – calendar readings

February – love readings (being this a love month) and events (Chinese New Year)

This last Saturday (January 13th), I had to meet seven people for their sessions. then the day after that, three more people. I haven’t read through my pending requests yet but I estimate that it is already around 20.

It also didn’t help that I got switched to a night schedule at work. This lessened not only my free time for tarot readings. It also lessened my time for other personal things. I already miss hanging out with my friends on Friday nights.

The Moon, as represented from my current tarot decks.
The Moon, as represented from my current tarot decks. (Own photo; artwork copyrighted by respective owners)

I almost always get the question “Doesn’t this make you drained and exhausted?”. I’d usually say that the exhaustion from doing this is starting to be an understatement.

But here I am, still trying to maximize what’s left of my free time on weekends to try to meet as many people as I can. I’ve learned my previous lesson about doing too much at the expense of my energy and health. But, I still wish that I have all the time and energy for this.


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