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Hello!  My name is Jakey Morales, and I have a passion for looking for answers and insights through looking at my treasured tarot cards.  Reading these cards has enabled me to help people to see things from another perspective.  With every session, a person gains a wider, more insightful view into his/her life and all of the influences around it – people, events, dilemmas, dreams, and everything else.

Tarot and Coffee
“Past, Present, Future” | (c) Lo Scarabeo

There are varying reasons why people would like to have an experience with tarot card reading in Manila.  Some people are looking for answers to their life’s biggest questions and the problems they may be facing.  Others are looking for a unique experience – something they have never done before.

To learn more about what I can do and how I can help you with tarot readings, check out my Tarot Reading page for a better idea.  Then check out my pages about the most common, most popular topics people ask me about.  So, if you have questions like, “What do my cards tell me about my love life?”, “Should I make a drastic decision about my career?”, or “How is my family doing in terms of relationships with one another?”, go ahead and explore them, hoping that through the cards, I can help you find answers which help you prepare for what’s up ahead and which lead you to better paths.  Of course, your questions and situations aren’t necessarily limited to these three topics.  Whichever your personal situations are, there will always be answers to be seen from the cards.

If you’re here to read, check out my blog.  That’s where I make chronicles of my reflections, life events, and tarot reading topics.

As soon as you are ready for a unique experience, book an appointment with me.  Make sure to review my availability and I hope we can find a common schedule.  My schedules usually run out quickly, so make haste and take your first steps now.  I look forward to meeting you!


I had a great time with Jakey.  He is easygoing, positive, talkative, and has great energy.  He is truly the best tarot card reader I have seen so far!

Jackie V., from Manila

I had an awesome tarot reading from Jakey last time.  I am so lucky and grateful to have met him.  He’s so nice and he managed to squeeze me on his event schedule.  His reading was very helpful for me, especially the part which I should focus and which I should let go.  Everything he said was on point and I have lots to think about now.  Thank you Jakey bringing this issue into my conscious mind to deal with.  The tarot reading was excellent too with some very interesting insights and advice.  Highly recommended! I will definitely see you again!

Juno F., from Quezon City

Had a really great time with this guy […]!  […]  I would highly recommend him to my friends […]!  He’s comfortable to be with, very objective, very honest, sensible and straight to the point, not to mention being sympathetic and a good listener!  […]  I know that people around you are looking up to you just because of what you do.

Jems R., from San Juan

From my readings with him, I could say that he’s very passionate about sharing his skills to others.  It’s so easy to talk to him too.  I feel that I could tell him anything, and he would listen without judgment.

Ma-an N., from Pasig

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