Do you have any personal question that you’d like to ask the cards about? Feel free to ask about these and your other situations.

To most people, they perceive tarot reading as a way to tell someone his/her future.  This is true, but just to a certain degree.  Tarot reading is more than that.

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Aside from the things in the future, you can think of a tarot session as an avenue to ask the cards your questions and your situations – any situation (well, almost).  If there is something in particular that you would like to know the answers about, or at least try to hear what my cards think of, feel free to let me know during the session.

I usually remind people of the following:

  1. Don’t hesitate about your question, thinking if it is a valid one to ask.  More often than not, it is valid, and I do advise people if it isn’t.  There is no “stupid” question.  Maybe, weird ones.  And please, don’t ask me about the winning numbers for a lottery.
  2. Your question can either be a yes/no question or an open-ended question.  I personally prefer open-ended questions because they are more insightful.
  3. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a question.  Just tell me what’s on your mind, and the cards will do the rest.

And most importantly:

Don’t ask questions you don’t want to hear the answers to.  If you have a question but are mortified by what the answer could be, I advise that you save the question first.  Then, wait for the time until you can finally come into terms with the tarot cards’ answers to it.  The same applies if you have a question in which you are expecting a specific answer.  Remember, the cards are not here to necessarily tell us the things that we want to hear, so we need to keep an open mind.

Now, it is now your turn to ask me your questions through an appointment.

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