Start Looking At Your Year with the 2017 Calendar Tarot Reading (and An Announcement from Me)

Alright, how’s it going? I haven’t done anything to my website/blog as of late because I’ve been either mostly busy, or mostly exhausted, or both, for the past few weeks.  Rest assured though that I’m still here, knocking about, and trying as much as I can to catch up with the pending requests.

December is a popular month for tarot readings for a variety of reasons.  Mostly, it’s because it’s a month to wrap up 2016 and to start having perspectives about the upcoming year.  And that is why I would like to introduce a tarot spread which I only use on December and January.

2017 Calendar Tarot Reading

2017 Calendar Tarot Reading
2017 Calendar Tarot Reading

One of the many perceptions about tarot reading is its nature, which is fortune-telling.  And the 2017 Calendar Tarot Reading is one of those which does exactly that.  We’ll look at how your 2017 will shape up.  We’ll do this by giving us the most significant predictions for that year.

I will use a variety of the original Calendar Tarot Reading.  The original one uses 13 cards – 1 for each month and another for the “central theme”.  The variety which I’ll be using has 5 cards – 1 for each quarter and another for the “central theme”.

One important note, though!  I only offer this spread to those who already had prior sessions with me.  The reason is because they already have a feel about my reading style and approach.  For those who are about to have a tarot session with me for the first time, I will offer the original setup first.

So, if you had at least a past tarot reading session with me and now wanted to see how your 2017 will shape up, let me know when you request a tarot reading.  On the other hand, if you are about to have one with me for the first time, I’d be happy to give you my original setup, then you tell me if you also like to do the Calendar Tarot Reading.

An Announcement from Me

I am originally uncertain about this change, but after giving it some deep thoughts and after asking some friends and people who regularly have sessions with me, I am now ready to make this change.

Tarot reading for a handful of people on a regular basis is generally a demanding process, most especially for me who is also maintaining my career and other personal matters.  It came to a point when I genuinely felt exhausted, and at one point almost got me to quit the whole thing.

Quitting the craft means turning my back on something that I am passionate about, in exchange for a well-deserved rest.  And then, I started to think of ways to lessen the requests, and at the same time, to make me feel that I’m also receiving reciprocated energy for my efforts.  I’ve started to apply this change just a few days ago, so I’m here to let you know, most especially if you had past sessions with me, that:

I now formally announce the adjustment of the fee for each session to 500php.

This is an effort to limit the tarot requests.  I sincerely hope for your deep understanding.  Thank you!


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