Card in Focus: The Lovers, Because It’s February

Card in Focus: We’ll take a closer look at a single card from the tarot and learn things like its traditional meanings, how it could help with anything, and others things that I can see from it.

It’s that month of the year again!

I started this year mostly sleep-deprived, with loads of meet-ups here and there – catching up with friends, meeting people for tarot readings, and playing video games (I bought a PlayStation 4 last month).  It was so much that I felt that I’ve started to neglect this blog.  Plus, there’s a draft that’s been sitting here: a collaboration post with my friend Den from PaiselyPurpose.  (I’m so sorry Den! I’ll get to it as soon as my crazy schedule frees up!)

So, before anyone asks how I’ve been or if I’ve been living under a rock, here we go with my first “Card in Focus” for this year.

VI – The Lovers

February: a month when we start to see love quotes and funny lines about love and being in love.  This is a time when single people start to question their existence (most of them, at least, maybe even including me!) and couples start to plan their ultimate Valentine’s Day dates. People who are fresh from break-ups see black instead of red, people who are contented being single don’t give two minds about it, people who’ve been looking for a relationship of any sort get to be more hopeful, and couples have lots of options and activities to make this month worth their while.

The point is, being in love will always be a magical feeling. It’s so much that this will always be the most popular topic people ask me about. Love-related tarot readings happen all the time that I’d like to believe that I’ve almost heard all the questions about it – heartbreaking ones, funny ones, serious ones, even kinky ones. Being in love is an intoxicating feeling, and the yearning for that sense of belonging is what drives most of the decisions and actions that we do in life.

VI - The Lovers
VI – The Lovers (Left: Prisma Visions, Right: The Shadowscapes Tarot)

The Lovers, as a Major Arcana, strongly emphasizes relationships and sexuality. Whenever this card shows up, there is this energy that influences relating to others and forming bonds with them. It alludes to the creation of connection between to individuals. This can also cross the border to being sexual, in that it symbolizes seeking union, experiencing desire, and making love.

Whenever this card shows up, I tell you, people’s faces usually lighten up, and then they start to get romantically excited.


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