The Invisible, Impenetrable Wall

I’ve been reading tarot cards to people for six years (intermittently), and I’ve given countless sessions, anything from love tarot readings to Messages from the Universe and Card of the Day.

There are certain number of people and sessions I remember where I found it very difficult and draining to read and interpret.  The difficulties appeared to be coming from the person, who I sensed has built or was trying to build an invisible, impenetrable wall.  No matter how much I tried to look at the usual spots to synthesize the cards’ meanings, I found myself struggling to find the right words and meanings.

Love Tarot Reading Invisible Wall

These sessions were also especially difficult for me because I felt that I was being unfair to the person.  I somehow felt discontented because I wasn’t able to give them the full realization of the cards’ messages.  I felt uncomfortable, overall.

On the other side, certain people appeared to have surrounded themselves with some sort of wall, which made it difficult for me to see right through them and make a connection between them and the cards.  It could be because some things.  They were probably protecting themselves from what they perceived as threats, preventing certain elements and memories from the past from surfacing again, feeling uncomfortable during the session so much that they were not really into it, or at least one of us were finding it difficult establish an emotional connection.

This struggle does not happen often, but is something I still need to iron out.  Do you generally find it easy to connect to people, or it usually takes some effort on your part?


2 thoughts on “The Invisible, Impenetrable Wall

  1. In my case, connecting with people isn’t an easy task – being an introvert myself. I find it easier to connect with others in a one-on-one setting; e.g. a bar or coffee shop that isn’t frequented by a lot of people.

    Well, maybe it’s just that people still have some hesitations or negative views about tarot reading. Given that the majority believe in Christianity, they might find it as something occult or forbidden. But yeah, the future is unpredictable as they say—how it will ultimately turn out still depends on actions done in the present.


    1. Yeah, I can totally related to that. Funny thing is that even if I’m an extrovert (ESFP being my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), there are just some certain moments where I’d rather have everything toned down instead, either just be on my own or at least be selective in a crowd of people.

      A handful of people I’ve met did show their strong commitment to their religion. I would say they’re keeping a healthy mix (or separation) when it comes to religious inclinations and the esoteric such as fortune telling. And I agree, at the end of the day it’s up to our decisions and actions. We are still the masters of our own destiny. :)

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