Hello, how’s it going? I hope you started this year right. As for me, it has been very busy so far with this craft. Tarot reading is usually very popular between December and February, because:

December – year-end readings

January – calendar readings

February – love readings (being this a love month) and events (Chinese New Year)

This last Saturday (January 13th), I had to meet seven people for their sessions. then the day after that, three more people. I haven’t read through my pending requests yet but I estimate that it is already around 20.

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Start Looking At Your Year with the 2017 Calendar Tarot Reading (and An Announcement from Me)

Alright, how’s it going? I haven’t done anything to my website/blog as of late because I’ve been either mostly busy, or mostly exhausted, or both, for the past few weeks.  Rest assured though that I’m still here, knocking about, and trying as much as I can to catch up with the pending requests.

December is a popular month for tarot readings for a variety of reasons.  Mostly, it’s because it’s a month to wrap up 2016 and to start having perspectives about the upcoming year.  And that is why I would like to introduce a tarot spread which I only use on December and January.

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Paint It Black

It was an early Saturday morning when I met this lady I first encountered online.  She saw that I am a tarot reader, so she wanted to meet me at what she calls her “secret garden.”  To be honest, I was a bit skeptical and even afraid at first.  What’s this secret garden she was talking about?

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The Invisible, Impenetrable Wall

I’ve been reading tarot cards to people for six years (intermittently), and I’ve given countless sessions, anything from love tarot readings to Messages from the Universe and Card of the Day.

There are certain number of people and sessions I remember where I found it very difficult and draining to read and interpret.  The difficulties appeared to be coming from the person, who I sensed has built or was trying to build an invisible, impenetrable wall.  No matter how much I tried to look at the usual spots to synthesize the cards’ meanings, I found myself struggling to find the right words and meanings.

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Chasing The Clouds Away With Swords

So last Thursday night, I met a friend and her friend for their tarot sessions.

My friend (let’s call her “M”) is an online acquaintance.  We first encountered each other in 2012 (I think) at an online forum I used to be active in.  We chatted for a while and when I started to offer tarot reading, we were supposed to meet for it.  It never went through though because of time and other commitments and all that.

It was really nice to finally meet her for the first time, after a couple of years.  It was going to be their first time to experience a real tarot session, and I started with her friend.

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Waking Dream

For the nth time, my calendar saved my life.  Again.

Calendar 08072016

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