Liz T., from Manila

Jakey!  I met this guy last year and that changed my life.  He might not know this but he has helped me get through my struggles and uncertainties.  Please continue helping others, man. See you again soon!


Elaine P., from Makati

What started out as just a curiosity ended up well!  If you want a unique or otherworldly experience, might as well meet-up with Jakey.  He’s nice and comfortable to be sharing some parts of your life with, especially if it’s your first time (like myself) to have yourself read through tarot cards.

Juno F., from Quezon City

I had an awesome tarot reading from Jakey last time.  I am so lucky and grateful to have met him.  He’s so nice and he managed to squeeze me on his event schedule.  His reading was very helpful for me, especially the part which I should focus and which I should let go.  Everything he said was on point and I have lots to think about now.  Thank you Jakey bringing this issue into my conscious mind to deal with.  The tarot reading was excellent too with some very interesting insights and advice.  Highly recommended! I will definitely see you again!

Chloe P., from Quezon City

Jakey is such an amazing and interesting person.  Got to meet him after arriving from SG and his tarot reading made me excited and curious.  It was really a different perspective.  Also saw him again in the CS meet-up.  He is such a nice person.

Loraine S., from Makati

Thank you so much also for being generous with your time.  I had a pleasant session and some parts of the reading verified what I need to improve on myself.  Thank you so much again and more blessings to you!

Jecca S., from Manila

For a first-timer, I had fun doing it. Thank you so much also for your time. At least, after our reading, some things maybe will now make sense for me.  It gave me some new perspectives, actually.  Take care, Jakey!

Rina D., from Makati

Jakey is a nice guy who shares his talents in tarot reading over coffee!  I just had mine last Monday and it went well.  I liked the “message of the universe” part during his reading.  Thanks again, Jakey!  Will probably be scheduling another one with you in time.

Sally S., from Indonesia

[His tarot reading event] motivated me to be a better person.  We’re really good friends now.  I don’t mind if he knows about my problems […].  Thank you Jakey for being such a good friend […].  Please keep doing it to motivate other people to have better plans about their lives.

Love T., from Manila

I am super grateful for the opportunity to meet this guy.  […]  I was really nervous at first but became comfortable eventually.  […]  [The reading] made me see my life from a different perspective.  […]  Love the advice and what the cards want me to do.  […]  I will give a 5-star / 2 thumbs-up-rating for this guy.  […]

Jems R., from San Juan

Had a really great time with this guy […]!  […]  I would highly recommend him to my friends […]!  He’s comfortable to be with, very objective, very honest, sensible and straight to the point, not to mention being sympathetic and a good listener!  […]  I know that people around you are looking up to you just because of what you do.