Messages from the Universe: Have You Been Overthinking?

Messages of The Universe: I imagine myself having a conversation with the Universe.  If She could speak, she would say these three messages.  These could apply to me, or to you, or to any of my readers here.

It’s never too easy to calm down and have a relaxed outlook towards the biggest influences and dilemmas that are engulfing our lives.  Personally, one of the most common underlying emotional states that I’ve noticed whenever I read for people in tarot reading sessions is overthinking.  We will always have this tendency to over-analyze and always try to think too much when it comes to our situations.  And we cannot be blamed for it.  In fact, at least 8 in 10 people that I’ve asked the question “Are you a natural over-thinker?” have said yes.

Universe, what have you got to say about this?

Message of The Universe 09212016
(c) James R. Eads

4 of Wands – “Take all the time to relax, but don’t be too complacent.  A lot is still on the way, but for the meantime, take a deep breath and feel this small window of peace that is being offered to you.”

The Hanged Man – “It will always be difficult to believe and trust what Destiny has for us, but we need to convince ourselves that by letting it run its course, the conclusion of the current journey is more than fulfilling.”

Seven of Chalices –  “We will always find ourselves at a cross-roads, and considering too many paths can be daunting.  If we find ourselves with a myriad of options, be pragmatic and choose that path which is closer to the realities.”

I have to tell you something:  I’m also an over-thinker, even borderline neurotic.  It already got me into some troubles.  I usually find it difficult to relax when I’m consumed by a situation or dilemma, most especially the big kind.

I’ve been handling it well somehow, lately.  Just like The Hanged Man, I do my best to get myself into a frame when my mind is calm and my outlook is “just let things happen as it happen”.  If anything, I always feel glad whenever I’m able to help people lessen their “thinking too much” state by asking my cards.  Then they feel more relaxed.

Are you a natural over-thinker?  How do you go about with dealing with it?


6 thoughts on “Messages from the Universe: Have You Been Overthinking?

  1. OMG I’m a terrible over-thinker! I don’t really handle it well, and most of the time the only way around it is sleep once I get tired of thinking. :(
    By the way, can you feature the Shadowscapes deck in your next “Message From The Universe” post? I really dig the illustrations there! This one’s the Prisma thing, right? I maybe wrong haha. :)

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    1. Yeah it’s really unsettling to overthink something and not being able to manage it well. It’s one of those states of mind that I suck at, either. If there’s one thing, I also try to sleep it off. Another is I try to walk aimlessly ’round my place.

      Oh yeah, a lot of the people I met for sessions love Shadowscapes. Very elaborate and masterfully-done watercolor fantasy art. You can check out the artist, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. Alright then, Shadowscapes for the next one! :)

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      1. I think I have this stereotypical image of a tarot card, and in my head, it always looks scary.. so decks like Shadowscapes is a very welcome change from that “ominous” feel. Or maybe it’s Hollywood’s fault for only exclusively featuring tarots in horror movies x_x


        1. No worries, I get that a lot. :D Once in a while, some of the people in my sessions would tell me that they were initially scared because they saw tarot in films and were usually portrayed as scary and that. I think the first traditional tarot deck could give a level of eerie, but because it’s medieval art in the first place. The deck is called Rider Waite.

          I use Shadowscapes almost all the time in my readings. I’ll definitely use it with for upcoming session. ;)

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