Chasing The Clouds Away With Swords

So last Thursday night, I met a friend and her friend for their tarot sessions.

My friend (let’s call her “M”) is an online acquaintance.  We first encountered each other in 2012 (I think) at an online forum I used to be active in.  We chatted for a while and when I started to offer tarot reading, we were supposed to meet for it.  It never went through though because of time and other commitments and all that.

It was really nice to finally meet her for the first time, after a couple of years.  It was going to be their first time to experience a real tarot session, and I started with her friend.

Then, it was time for M’s reading.  There was something about this particular session with M.  All throughout the session, I kinda felt like I made a deeper connection with my cards; it’s as if I can see, read, and feel them more clearly.  It was highly likely that it was her aura that chased away the dark clouds in my mind.  I noticed that I was giving more detailed interpretations and answers.  I felt the motivation and enthusiasm as I was speaking.  I couldn’t understand it.  It just felt like… I felt good being in front of M.

As usual, I gave her the answers to her questions.  I knew these weren’t the answers she was particularly expecting to hear, but these gave her peace of mind nonetheless.  I sincerely hoped that the session has helped her.  My reading to her gave her tough answers and choices, but I trust that she will do the right thing.  Besides, I reminded her (as I usually remind the others) that she has all the freewill to do what’s next, now that she had known what my cards thought.

Here she was, with what the Universe wanted to tell her:

Tarot Reading with M
Using the Shadowscapes Tarot, (c) Llewellyn

All Swords (Page, Queen, Ace).  The Universe wanted to engage with M on an intellectual level.

After the session, I decided to go back home but the rains were crazy and for sure my street’s gonna be submerged in flood again.  I decided to pass by the Thursday weekly meetup I usually go to.  Met some friends and got to know new ones.

I got home at 2 AM.


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