Messages from the Universe: Emotional Abundance

Messages of The Universe: I imagine myself having a conversation with the Universe.  If She could speak, she would say these three messages.  These could apply to me, or to you, or to any of my readers here.

Hello, everyone!  How did your weekend go?

Mine was just okay.  I decided to stay home all weekend.  Well, almost.  I only had one tarot reading appointment last Saturday afternoon.  The rest, I spent just staying at home, switching between sleeping and watching a lot of House of Cards. Ruthless pragmatism.

Last weekend’s weather pretty much described what sort of emotions I’ve been going through for the past few months: occasional bouts of glum and coldness  But at the same time, I found a bit of comfort in it.  The coldness acted as a blanket to feel cozy.  And then, the Universe told me another thing.  It said:

Message of the Universe 08222016
(c) James R. Eads

10 of Pentacles – “Enjoy the fruits of your work and always reward yourself for those which you have earned.”

The Empress – “Always find and feel the abundance in every aspect, be it emotional, spiritual, intellectual, or material.”

Page of Swords – “Be true to what you feel and be truthful to yourself and to others.”

I don’t know.  I currently feel as if my career is at a standstill and at the back of my mind, I know for sure I need to steer my career path to another direction.  If the Universe really wanted me to be true to myself, then I guess it means to say that I should start looking for another job, maybe.

However, something tells me it’s more than that.  Somehow, it also suggested that I should be more truthful on an emotional level (The Empress).  Meaning, my mind shouldn’t over-complicate my emotions, and start to be more comfortable with reaching out to people.  That way, I could be emotionally abundant.

Do you tend to think with your brain, or with your heart?  How do you define emotional abundance?


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