Card in Focus: Death As A Beginning

Card in Focus: We’ll take a closer look at a single card from the tarot and learn things like its traditional meanings, how it could help with anything, and others things that I can see from it.

XIII – Death

Whenever this card shows up in readings, most people immediately would feel worried, then start to ask if there’s something very bad or unfortunate that’s about to happen.  And it’s perfectly understandable.  The word “Death”, along with its art in most tarot decks, looks scary.

For me, a more accurate symbolism of this Major Arcana card is “the end”.  It could be the end of a cycle, a relationship, an event or a situation.  Depending on the context, this conclusion could be a good thing, or otherwise.  This card represents a transition from the old to the new; the closing of the current chapter to write the next one; a rebirth; a transformation.

Most tarot decks portray Death as something dark, scary, with skeletons and all.  That’s as accurate as it could get.  I like how my Shadowscapes Tarot portray Death:

XIII - Death
XIII – Death (Shadowscapes Tarot) | (c) Llewellyn

The phoenix is a mythological creature associated with reincarnation and rebirth.

I know exactly how it feels like, to let go of something or someone very dear and important to us, be it a romantic relationship, a friendship, or a career transition.  It’s a painful process (I know I still am going through with it), but somehow, we will have to accept that certain things do need to conclude so that we can start opening a new chapter.

The end, however painful and saddening, is just as normal as with the other milestones in our lives.  Eventually, we will have to welcome it, and come into terms with it.  A new beginning could not start if we do not let go of what needs to end.   We can only hope that the next one’s gonna be better.

I am still pretty much trying to come into terms with it, too.

Have you ever had a difficult situation where something needs to end?  How did you cope up with it?  Let’s talk about it on the Comments section over a cup of virtual coffee.


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