Messages from the Universe: A Grumpy Universe

Messages of The Universe: I imagine myself having a conversation with the Universe.  If She could speak, she would say these three messages.  These could apply to me, or to you, or to any of my readers here.

The Universe, as of this writing, is just as grumpy as the weather we are having right now.  Let’s see what She wants us to know:

Message of the Universe 08102016
(c) Llewellyn

The Universe says:

Nine of Wands – “You are almost completely paralyzed because of your internal struggles and fears.”

Two of Swords – “No one seems to be willing to make a compromise.”

Eight of Wands – “A new path is starting to open, one that you should not be afraid of taking.”

If I could summarize, the central message appears to be this: “If something is no longer working, or if the people around us refuse to meet us at least halfway, we might start thinking about letting them be and pursue what we believe is right without ever feeling afraid.”

I’m usually afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings.  So I end up keeping things to myself.  Or sometimes I choose not to do anything with a situation for fear of what people will think of me.  And I know it backfires sometimes, and I end up in the state of paralysis.

We must be more aware of the new paths that seem to open in front of us, however difficult they may be.  And even if it means leaving certain people behind, we must muster the courage and pull ourselves through in these new directions.  It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do.  And then we can only hope that we made the right decision.

And it goes both ways.  I’m sure that there are certain points in your life where you need to leave some people behind, as much as we have also been left behind by the people who were dear to us.

But for the meantime, I gotta prepare for my three tarot reading sessions tonight down there at Greenbelt.


7 thoughts on “Messages from the Universe: A Grumpy Universe

    1. Tarot reading? Most people who are about to have it for the first time are usually afraid. And it’s a normal thing. People are usually mortified of what the cards will tell them. It’s okay, sanay naman ako with first-timers, and I always guide them along the way, making sure that they’re comfortable throughout the session.

      It is cool, and some people were so comfortable and enlightened after their first session that they can’t wait for the next. :D Give it a try. :)

      Liked by 1 person

            1. I usually do personal readings, as in face-to-face. Para ikaw mismo ang makakapili ng mga cards mo, at para din mas efficient yung readings ko. Marami kasi akong kailangang i-consider for every reading, at isa na dun yung presence ng person. :)


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