New Website, New Path

New Path

After much procrastination and letting ideas just swing in and out of my head, I decided to start a website about one of the many passions I have in this lifetime – tarot reading.  Before this, I mostly handle communications with people through my Facebook Page, which I started in March 2015.

The original idea behind making a website is about practicing, experimenting, and implementing my skills and knowledge in online marketing.  When I was going through this website’s creation, it has evolved into more than that idea.  I would like to make this website a “treasured property”, treating it the same way as how I take care of my tarot decks.  This website, and this blog, will hold all of my thoughts, feelings, and observations when it comes to my journey as a tarot reader.  Now, I plan to have regular features, narratives of my tarot reading experiences, reflections, and other things.  If you have any suggestions and ideas on the topics, or if you would like to see anything here, I’m all ears.

And maybe, people who are looking for tarot readings may stumble across my website.  I hope I’ll be able to help them.

To mark the beginning of this journey, I will introduce my first regular feature.

Messages From The Universe

Messages of The Universe: I imagine myself having a conversation with the Universe.  If She could speak, she would say these three messages.  These could apply to me, or to you, or to any of my readers here.

Messages from The Universe 20160803
(c) Llewellyn

The Universe says:

Two of Cups – “At this very moment, there may be someone who you could have a potential emotional connection with.”

IV The Emperor – “Remind yourself to take control of your situations and take absolute authority over your life.”

Five of Pentacles – “You may experience some form material difficulties soon, so it is important to make wiser decisions when it comes to how you are using your money.”

The Universe sounded a bit literal there, which is not really common.  I can personally relate to the second and third messages, because I kinda need work on those things.

How about you, did any of these make sense to you at this moment?  Let me know in the comments.  And, I hope you would welcome me in this journey.


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